[Paid] Need Importscript for User CSV, Migration from Wordpress SSO to Discourse

What would you like done?
I’ve used Wordpress SSO with Discourse. Now we will migrate all our Users with the Password Hash to Discourse, so they can Login with the regular Password into Discourse.

I’ve already got the Password Migration Plugin running, but don’t have enough Knowledge to Script a CSV Import for the Users. So I need a Developer who can create a Import Script for CSV for Discourse with following Fields:

  • username
  • E-Mail
  • Name
  • ID
  • import_pass (Password Hash)

If a User exists with the same Username or E-Mail, it should just populate the Missing Fields. If the User doesnt exist, the Script should create the new User with all Fields.

When do you need it done?
Latest Date would be 20. October 2022

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
200 $, if this is not enough, we can surely negotiate more.

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Hi @Lagger_Gandalf
I can take this up, sending you a PM

Migratepassword plugin author here, I’m interested in doing this - and adding the script as an “extra” with the plugin. PM me if you’re interested.
This should be doable within your budget.


Hi @Lagger_Gandalf
I can help you migrate your wordpress users details to discourse using the password migrator plugin. The price will be the same as your budget. Do let me know your thoughts.

Thanks everybody for the Application. The Original Author Michael (Communiteq) of his Password Migrate Plugin added an Import Script for CSV, so more User can benefit from his Plugin and my Contribution :grin:


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