[PAID] Need someone to fix bugs and errors on my Discourse forum


ever since I restored my forum from backup, I have been running into an issue, where whenever anyone follows a hyperlink to any thread on the forum or simply copies and pastes a hyperlink to a forum thread into a browser, it goes to a broken blank page with just the thread title showing but no content. The forum works without issues, just hyperlinks to forum threads don’t open properly.

It would be great if anyone could fix it.

Budget depending on how complex the issue is - it could be an easy fix.


I can take a look. Sending a PM.


I found the problem. It was in the site’s CSS:

#ember19 {
  display: none;

If you have code like this Discourse warns in the CSS editor:

Sorry – using #ember or .ember-view CSS selectors is not permitted, because these names are dynamically generated at runtime and will change over time, eventually resulting in broken CSS. Try a different selector.

Presumably this was used to turn off some element of Discourse in the past, but the id was assigned to a new element after the upgrade. Whatever the case, removing this code fixed the problem.


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