[PAID] Need someone to tweak the OIDC plugin and set a browser cookie with user details

What would you like done?
We currently have a discourse install at forums.website.com, hosted on a VPS, along with a separately-hosted website at website.com.

We are using the OIDC Connect plugin to connect with Auth0 for user login/authentication on the forums.

When a user logs in to the forums, we need to take some of the information returned by auth0 during the callback, combine it with a few constants, and generate a JWT which should then be set as a cookie in the user’s browser with a domain of *.website.com.

When do you need it done?
Yesterday, or, as soon as practicable.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Please send a rough estimate of how long this would take along with your rate. This will need to be done as a contract gig with 1099 reporting and all that entails.


Hi @aidianholder
I am interested to take this up, sending you a PM

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