[PAID] Need to upgrade current version of my Discourse installation on Digital Ocean

Hi Guys,

I would like you to upgrade my current discourse installation from [v2.2.0.beta2 +100] to latest stale version (assuming 2.3.0.beta11 ).

Please advise your charges and contact details to be shared accordingly.


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I’ll do it today for $300 Fix Your Broken Site – Literate Computing, LLC.

You can install my credentials with

 ssh-import-id pfaffman

Hi @pfaffman ,

Sorry but the price is way beyond my budget for this exercise. I got it done few months back is USD 50.

Thanks anyways.



@pfaffman I don’t think the site is broken, it just needs an update. @wasghar is this right?

If so, the procedure do update is pretty simple and you should be able to do it yourself.

If you don’t do SSH you can access the console on Digital Ocean via the web control panel:


You need to log in using the username (usually ubuntu) and the root password (which IIRC DO would have emailed to you when you set up the machine)

Then type

cd /var/discourse (Enter) to go to the place on the server where Discourse is installed
git pull (Enter) to update the installation
./launcher rebuild app (Enter) to rebuild the application

Wait a few minutes and it’s done.


Wouldn’t https://www.literatecomputing.com/product/discourse-upgrade/ fit the bill?


It would, but it’s Sunday, and I’m traveling, and he wants it today. And it’s a fairly big upgrade, so there is a chance that something could go wrong and I’d be stuck fixing it when I’m supposed to be driving, hence the hazard pay. If I were at my desk that’s what I’d have offered. But that’s still 3x his budget.


Why not do the upgrade directly from the GUI yourself? Browse to yoursitehere/admin and click on the upgrade button?


If it was installed using digital oceans one click installer then it’s not possible to upgrade if you use pretty much any plugin, as they’ve discontinued support for it

It needs your forum backed up then a fresh install, then restore the backup in the new forum


Ah, I see, so possibly not a straightforward upgrade. @wasghar I would say @pfaffman’s your man for this, alternatively if you can wait until my next availability (Friday 21st) I could possibly do it.


Thanks everyone. Much appreciated. Just to confirm its simple upgrade and the site is up and running. I know few of the commands can do the magic but I rather want it to be done by the experts. Hope this clarifies the expectation. I am flexible for the date as well , no rush.


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Thanks @pacharanero . This is great help. Yes you are right, its pretty straightforward even if this is done through putty. But as you suggest, I will do it on my own through DO console. I could save for sure.

Thanks again.:+1:


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