Paid - Pass core web vitals and speed up site

I want someone who can work on improving my client side and server side of all pages of and pass its core web vital scores and acheive 100% score on page speed insights, and A score on pingdom speed test and Gtmetrix.

I did try cloudflare and bunny net cdn before but they both didn’t help much in getting my targets achieved. So not using them now. Did some server side tuning too in app.yaml but still not getting where I want the site to be. It is already on a 32 GB RAM server.

The fast site solution should persist through all discourse updates.

I need to do this to improve my site SEO rankings and provide better user experience to readers.

My budget is between 250 to 500 usd, but can discuss also.

I need this done as soon as possible.


My contact:

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Are you on latest? Did the new loader help?

Yes jay, I am on latest. You already have access to the site and server if you want to check if you can improve any further. This time I need client side and server side both improvements and guranteed passing core web vitals and getting A score 100% in all tools.

By new loader, are you talking about the web only separate container thing? I have still not acheived the targets I wanted and what Google wants.

I mean Introducing Discourse Splash - A visual preloader displayed while site assets load. Did you notice any changes after this feature was added?

Even after the splash loader update, I still haven’t noticed my core web vitals passing that’s why I am still looking for someone who can fix my site speed for me or perhaps make a super fast light HTML only version for all pages of my discourse site for first time visitors, so all of them get fast, excellent user experience and pass core web vitals for my entire site.

You can see yourself for

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