[PAID] PHPBB3.2 to Discourse

Hi all,

I am running a small forum on PHPBB3.2 now, I chose this because I was familiar with this from the earlier days. Now I found Discourse and NodeBB and did test installs on a DigitalOcean through ssh. Now I found Cloudron and use that for a DO server.

I am looking for someone to migrate my PHPBB 3.2 (hosted in cpanel) to a Discourse forum (hosted within Cloudron on DigitalOcean - we will do a clean install on the correct domain. This needs to be an easy job for you and I will pay you, just make me an offer upfront. Please let me know if you are the right person.

Also, if you want and are open for this, I might contact you in the future for other small things I’m not able to do myself. I can follow some tuts but rather have someone with the proper knowledge doing this.

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Please see https://www.literatecomputing.com/discourse-migration/ and fill out the form. I’ll get you a quote ASAp.


I actually sent out a form - but I am not remembering me fill in any contact details? You can reach out to me here… 430 users is my forum.


Indeed! That form wasn’t quite ready for prime time! (It’s updated now. I send a PM).


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