[PAID] - Professional Discourse developer needed for new project

What would you like done?

Hello everyone, I am looking for a Discourse developer to help me build a new community platform.

Custom requirements are as follows:

  1. restricted email sign up - example: when signing up, user must have a valid email address ending in test123 (dot) whatever domain, test124 (dot) whatever domain, test125 (dot) whatever domain, etc. to create an account.

1a. admin must have an easy ability to add those domains on the backend.

  1. User identification customization - when a user signs up with a valid email address such as test123 (dot) whatever domain, their public facing profile and avatar (or next to their avatar) is automatically populated with an identification label that displays “test123”, which can’t be changed by the user. Same applies for someone that signs up with an email domain such as “test124 (dot) whatever domain”… This must be searchable by users of the community to find similar members.

  2. revalidation of email address every 30 days - this is to prevent people that have left a specific organization such as “test123 (dot) whatever domain” to remain a community member.

3a. Admin must have the ability to change the revalidation days. Example: 15, 30, 45 days, etc.

  1. Two email address requirement - After a user signs up with a valid email address such as test123 (dot) whatever domain, user is required to add a personal email address for all communications on the community. The validation email address must then be hidden from admin, but retained/encrypted for future validation purposes.

  2. External app integrations (as needed) and/or custom app development if capable.

  3. Custom reporting - developer must be able to create custom reports for admin section.

  4. Beautification of site - developer should have a good working knowledge on how to customize the layout of the community to differentiate it from others; or know someone that is good at it and refer them.

  5. Referrals of new members - integrate/create a way for current members to easily refer other members through email, text or any other way you would suggest. Community gamification must be in place to reward members that refer others to the site via points, badges, etc.

  6. Integration of monetization capability through ads and paid memberships.

  7. Auto-assign membership to community rooms based on email domain registration. Example: test123 (dot) whatever domain is auto-assigned to the test123 room.

Community will use the paid hosting Business plan via Discourse.

Prefer US/Canada based developer that I can speak to on the phone, and is open to face to face zoom meetings. Trust is a big component for me - takes years to earn and seconds to shatter.

Future plan is to retain the developer hired for this project to help maintain the backend, community functionality of the site on a monthly payment schedule. As the community grows and becomes more profitable, the payment schedule will increase proportionately.

Life is all about relationships and trust - I would really like this to grow into a quasi-partnership where everyone involved in the development of the community is rewarded professionally and financially for a win-win scenario.

When do you need it done?

Timeline is very flexible - the community has to be built right and there is no hard deadline. Want to ensure enough testing is completed before launching. Possibly six months from now? Plenty of time to test everything out.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Budget is flexible as well - would like to reimburse developer based on completed milestones to keep everything fair. Please give me a realistic quote. I would also like to see any references or other projects you have completed in the past.

I more than understand you get what you pay for and I will not “nickel and dime” anyone. I am a professional, and would like to work with one that I can trust and count on.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon.



Hey Flip, at Pavilion we’ve worked with many organisations and individuals on similar projects. @Ellibereth will be in touch via PM to discuss how we can work with you on this.


@Angus thanks for reaching out. I’ll be expecting their messages.

It’s important to note that on a Business plan you can’t install custom plugins.

That said, at a glance most of what you want is out of the box so won’t require a developer. You just need someone to help you configure the site.

Anyway, you’re in good hands with Pavilion.


Thank you for that reply and endorsement of Pavilion. I have a call scheduled with them to discuss the requirements.

All the best,


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