[PAID] Seeking part time developer for some customization

We are looking to hire an experienced discourse developer for a few feature ideas to be implemented into our community. We get about 1M page views a month with a very active community. They have lots of ideas that are simple in nature, but we don’t want to distract our product development team with these tasks as there would be a learning curve. You can see our forum at community.liquidsky.tv

We are happy to compensate according for the work. We ideally want someone that has implemented anything similar to the ideas below.

  • Custom titles based on specific behavior and contributions
  • Custom moderator abilities to pin replies to the top of a topic with a custom highlighted color and option to set as “Best Answer” or “Must Read”
  • Social youtube or twitch social icons that users can link to and have it show under their thumbnail when they reply. (must be verified to be youtube or twitch only)
  • Custom badges that can be granted automatically or manually by moderators
  • Moderator feedback/rating system that allows users to rate Mods’ replies as helpful or not helpful
  • Custom positive and negative flags that send notifications to our mods to address a specific positive or negative issue

Once we select the right person for the job we can provide specific mockups for each of these features.

If you’re interested in doing the job please PM with your contact info, past discourse forums you worked on and what you did for them. If you have anything else to show off with by all means share it with me. And of course, please put what your rate would be for something like this. We prefer to work more on a project basis so feel free to give a range if you’re not 100% comfortable with the scope.

Thank you,


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