[Paid] #theme development for bios

If you’re able to work on this soon, we’d love to hear about how you’d approach building a #theme for the following. Please reply here with your interest and background, and we can continue the conversation via email after exchanging contact info via PM or similar.

We generally pay $100/hour for efficient and focused development work.


Bio Book in Discourse

A theme to update the /users view to create the bio book in our upcoming Discourse install


We’d like to create a new “Bio Book” view in Discourse that lists all the users and returns their user cards. We know it’s possible to view a user’s card by clicking on their name in the /users view, but what we’d like is something that’s less focused on a user’s stats, and more focused on who they are at a glance.

Probably includes a pull request to Discourse asking to improve the server API to support this work.


Mobile view:

Desktop view:


We’d like the following functionality:

PS please forgive us for mixing the Marvel and DC universes in our mockups. It was an error.


Hey Seth! Sounds like fun. I’ll shoot you an email shortly with some questions and clarifications.


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