How to add a user bio to the groups index page?


I’m in the process of customising the information on our groups index page with a theme component. I’d like to add the user bio of each member. I found the template to override and am able to make changes this way. However, it eludes me how to access the biography data from the user_profiles table.

What I have so far:

        {{#each model.members as |m|}}
            <td class='avatar'>
              {{user-info user=m skipName=skipName}}

              <span class="text">{{m.bio_excerpt}}</span>

I also tried {m.user_profile.bio_excerpt} but in both cases I don’t get any data. Is this information available in a theme component, and if so, how should I access it?


It’s not. If you go to /groups/<name>/members.json, you’ll see that you only have access to these properties

  • id
  • username
  • name
  • avatar_template
  • primary_group_name
  • primary_group_flair_url
  • title
  • last_posted_at
  • last_seen_at
  • added_at

Ah darn. Is there any way I can query this data, or would this require a plugin?

You will have to use a plugin to add the bio_excerpt property to the GroupUserSerializer.