[PAID] USD 555 for upgrading the discourse-static-pages plugin to the new Discourse API

What would you like done?

We need our plugin discourse-static-pages to use the new Discourse API. See this issue:


The plugin implements a way to have static pages in a Discourse instance. See this topic for more.

When do you need it done?

Before the end of July.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

USD 555 / EUR 500 all taxes included.


Hey Bastien,

This is incredibly well timed for me, I’ve been afk for the past 3 months or so preparing for and taking exams, and I just finished this week!

So this looks like the perfect opportunity (and incentive) to familiarise myself with the changes which have happened while I’ve been away. I may be a little rusty, given all the time spent recently staring at textbooks rather than computer screens, but now that exams are over I have all the time in the world to spend on it. How does that sound?


Hi Leo,

it sounds great, thanks for your answer!

If you agree to take the challenge, can you send me a private message with your email address?

If you do the job, we will probably finance another 500€ bounty for the other github issues, which are mostly enhancements. In fact, we want to give enough incentives for someone to step up as a maintainer for this plugin which we think can be really useful.



@bzg do you need backwards compatibility with versions of Discourse which don’t have plugin api support, because I’ve run into a little problem trying to achieve that:

Otherwise, I’m mostly done. I still need to blow the cobwebs out of my docker environment to test the plugin in a production environment, and to ensure the functionality now matches the functionality before, but once I’ve done that I think I’m all done and I’ll send a pull request your way.


No, we don’t need such backward compatibility. It’s better to have it, of course, but this is not required for this bounty. The Discourse we run is >1.6.

Thanks for your fast-paced development!

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(EDIT: because you forget to state the obvious when it’s so close to bedtime)

I’ve finally got round to submitting the pull request. Sorry about the unexplained delay, I had been trying to get docker to work with a (now ancient) version of Discourse which the plugin in its current state can run on, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. And then I ran out of time in the week.

So, hopefully, it works as it did before. From reading the code before it works as I would expect that code to work, but you’ll have to let me know.


Also, are you running beta or tests-passed? I ask because in the tests-passed branch (and the next beta release) the markdown engine has been moved to a module which needs to be imported, which breaks the code as it is in those branches.

It’s simple to import the module, but then it won’t work in the current beta and stable branches. It would be possible to conditionally require it, but that gets a bit messy.


Hi Leo,

thanks a lot for your work! And no problem at all with the delay, anytime in July is perfectly fine.

We are on the tests-passed branch. I just performed an upgrade and we are now on 86b3de51.

As I understand it, I would need to update our app.yml file to download the markdown module, is that so?

I want to keep the plugin as straightforward as possible, with no tricky requirement - let me know what’s the best route to take, and then I’ll merge your PR and test it on the server.


Not quite, it’s a file a file in the plugin which needs to import the module. I’ve pushed a commit which does this, so now it should work on tests-passed (it does locally).



I merged the PR on github, thank you very much! I hope we will have other opportunities to work with you.


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