Help! How can I upgraded our self hosted community?

Hi all,

We hosted a technical community which uses discourse system. Currently, we’re using Discourse 1.5.3 which is 2 years old version. We want to upgrade to the newest 2.0 discourse version, so as to access to discourse app.

But we did too many custom page before by directly forking the code. So we have to make our customed page into a plugin, and it can compatible with our old system1.5.3. But we found we still can’t connect to discourse app. We also found we can’t use easy one-click upgrade function to upgrade to the latest version. It’s always failed because the plugin didn’t compatible with 2.0 version.

So my question is:

  1. Is there a way I can use to 1.5.3 discourse system and it’s compatible plugin to connect discourse app?

  2. Our main goal is to adapt to discourse app, is the app only support the newest discourse version to connect?

  3. If we need to upgrade the community to the 2.0 version, we need to make our plugin also compatible with the 2.0 version right? So it means we need to change our plugin code in each time when we want to upgrade the community, isn’t it?

our community site:

Thank you so much for your time to answer.
Looking for hearing from you guys!

Louise, you’ve already posted about this problem in posts from April this year and now your spamming the forum with the same topic content in two different categories:

Here’s my summary of your situation and options. I hope this helps you get a clear picture because you need to know how much each option is likely to cost.

  1. You are self-hosting a forked version of Discourse 1.5.3. Forking Discourse is actively discouraged by the Discourse team because of the problems it creates - the sort of problems you are now having.
  1. You want to use the Discourse mobile (iOS and Android) app which was released in version 1.7. so that will be the minimum upgrade you will need.
  • Releases can be read in the Discourse blog as @codinghorror has pointed out, or in the category releases
  1. It will cost you a significant sum of money to move your forked version back to the latest Discourse. In the long run it will definitely be worthwhile doing this because you will continue to receive the improvements particularly the essential security updates:
  • Return to core Discourse
  • Develop plug-ins to incorporate all your modifications of Discourse.
  • Some of the changes will probably be able to be handled using existing plug-ins.
  1. You should be contacting developers to get an estimate of what work is involved and how much it will cost.
  • Are you listening to what others have recommended? Or are you ignoring it because it will cost too much?
  • An alternative is to pay for hosting. With a large enough $ commitment then you might be able to get a cheaper deal for migrating your data.