Paid - UX designer

I have the framework built for a community marketplace forum. I am simply not happy with the design and after to tinkering with every premade theme available, still not there.

Will draw much inspiration from the blizzard adaptation of discourse.

DM me and let’s chat!


Let’s see if elaborating excites anyone.

Looking for the category page to look similar to World of Warcraft Forums with category icons and subicons for the subsections. I like the box style.

I want to emulate the font, color and size as it’s appealing on the eyes. I know I can see this in the browser inspector but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Finally, on Blizzard Forums you’ll see they have category headers such as BLIZZARD BATTLE.NET DESKTOP APP. I would like this built into my site so I can build separation between genres of games.


If you’re really looking to entice, please post a budget. Many developers around here make part or all of their livelihood on these jobs, so they want to make sure a full estimate is worth their time.


Fair - I really don’t know. I am already paying $2500 for several custom plugins. CSS and design modifications, no idea. I generally develop understanding of prices or fair market value when the talent sends back quotes or estimates.


All the same, the template you deleted when creating your topic asks you to include a budget.

Consultants will be far more likely to engage if they know that you’re taking the project seriously.

What would you like done?

When do you need it done?

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?


But it’s impossible to tell that unless you say something like

For some “fair market” is perceived to be $25 or $250 (I’m guessing your theme is a bit over $250, but haven’t looked carefully).


Cool deal, I’d be willing to spend somewhere in the ballpark for $1500-$2000 for design.


If you haven’t gotten responses, I’ll suggest editing the OP and adding this pricing. With the amount of replies here, I highly doubt that though.


Thought I’d share.

Worked with an excellent partner and this is what we came up with. Still some work to do adding category images but I am very pleased.