[Paid] "What's Going On?" plugin. [COMPLETE]

What would you like done?

Our existing vBulletin site has “What’s Going On” at the bottom so visitors have an idea of how active our community is. It looks like:

This is much different than David Taylor’s Who’s Online plugin because I need to handle around:

  • ~100k users online
  • list around ~5k currently online usernames (not avatars) on each page
  • using a longer online period of ~7 days
  • we use fastly with full site shield mode, some anon user stats may need to be grabbed from fastly

David Taylor said that:

using a longer online period of ~7 days

The existing whos-online plugin is not designed to deal with this at all. It’s designed for a few minutes, maybe a few hours. It might actually be easier to develop a new plugin from scratch to do what you want, rather than try and adapt what already exists.

When do you need it done?

Needs to be complete tested and live in around 14 days.

Resources for Reference


This plugin was developed by @mbcahyono and the source on github at ryanerwin / discourse-site-activity


This feature has been talked about quite a bit in the past but I can’t think of a plugin that’s been built to handle it. I’ll shoot you a PM shortly. :+1:

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Here’s a starting place: Who's Online Plugin (discourse-whos-online)


You win, Jay. :wink: I thought one of these should be in existence.

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It’s not clear that Who’s Online does everything that’s required. You can see it in action here: https://thebitcoin.pub/


@joebuhlig @pfaffman Thanks for your references to the Who’s Online Plugins. I was remiss in not including my testing of those in my original #marketplace post. I edited the post and added an UPDATE: section covering several areas where the existing Who’s Online plugin doesn’t meet our needs.

The solution may be a fork of the Who’s Online plugin or a new plugin entirely. Really up to whoever can help me implement this.



This project “What’s going on” plugin showing recently active users is still available. I’ve simplified and clarified the requirements.

  • @tshenry has done a fantastic job for us on our “Smooth Logo Transition” and is almost done with a huge vBulletin theme project that we didn’t post in #marketplace
  • I’m also still looking for someone to help with “Load Testing”… Please let me know if you can think of someone.

Can you add more information to this topic? Like more screenshots, a checklist for the plugin and maybe a mockup of what you are looking for please?

Also, are you planning on making this open source?

I think I can work on this, but I won’t be available until Jun 14, so if this is available by that time I’ll contact you.


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