[PAID] WP + Discourse hosting

I contacted someone already but I just saw this marketplace so I would like to see some offers before deciding on whom to hire.

My requirements:

I am not sure what service/hosting I need to purchase so I’ll just explain my requirements and then you can propose the entire solution and your price:

I want to create 2 sites. Both sites will be Blog + Forum combined. I think WP + Discourse might work.

Site-A: Comment section of blog should be powered by Discourse. Every blog-post becomes a thread. And of course, users should be able to just go to the Forum (Discourse) section directly as well.

Site-B: Same as Site-A above. But the forum will be private. So, the comments will be visible only after user signs-in. User can still go directly to forums but they would need to sign-in to view forums.

I am confused if I need 1 server and host all 4 scripts there (2 blogs, 2 Discourse instances) or do I need 4 servers? Or do I need 2 servers (1 for SiteA blog + SiteA forum, 1 for SiteB Blog and SiteB forum)?

I’ve seen several managed WP hosting. So, I suppose I could host both WP on one of the managed hostings (< $20/month) and then Discourse can be hosted on 1 VPS, another $20-ish/month (but unsure if Discourse would also be managed).

Or maybe I need to buy 2 separate managed Discourse hostings. I’m quite confused. Obviously, I want to pay as little as possible in monthly costs.

Additionally, I prefer both WP and Discourse to be managed so I dont have to worry about installing patches, updates regularly.

Expected traffic load:
I’m just starting out. I hope to grow community to 5000+ users eventually. But to start with, I’d like at-least enough horsepower to handle 500 monthly active users; perhaps even 1000. Maybe about a 100-150 online simultaneously at peak times.

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Hi, I may be able to heop you, I’ll send you a direct message. :slight_smile:


Sure. Thanks. I’ll wait.

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Hi, I’ve done many integrations between WordPress & Discourse in past. Feel free to drop me an email to bhanu@orng.co and we can discuss options.



I was able to find someone to complete this work for me, from another site. Thanks so much.