Setting up both Discourse and WordPress together?


I need to make a forum like Yes, I checked they are using Discourse. Actually, I have a WordPress site which has shared hosting from Hostinger. I need to know how I can integrate it with Discourse as non-tech beginner. Secondly, is it $100 is a lifetime package to run a forum plus blog? What about auto-updates? If you have any guide please share.

Secondly, I also want to run a blog area where the only admin would able to make posts. Share your views.

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The best way to get started is with the wp-discourse plugin that allows you to connect Discourse and WordPress and a lot of functional integrations e.g.:

  1. Single Sign on
  2. Display Discourse comments on wordpress
  3. Sync user data

No, it’s $100/month to get a fully managed Discourse hosting from alternatively, you can self-host Discourse yourself on a VPS. Shared hosting won’t work.
Here is a very informative install guide:

That can be achieved through category permissions.


Means I should pick wp-discourse plugin? Would it work with shared hosting? plugins have same plans

You’ll need a working Discourse instance and a working WordPress instance before you can use the plugin.

The plugin will work with a wordpress instance on shared hosting but Discourse can not be hosted on a shared hosting.

The plugin is a free, open source one, there is no subscription associated with it but You need both, Discourse and WordPress before you can use the plugin.