Partial format display and incorrect unread count for perhaps only one user

I have at least one user who is getting a wildly incorrect unread messages count.

[edit: Also his format is different than mine / normal!!]

He sent a screenshot:

What could be going on there to cause that? Anything I can ask him to do, or do myself, to improve the situation?

Or is this a sign that the connection between server and instance was lost, so it stopped updating?

The unread tab only count the topics set as tracking or watching.


There may be a bug, but not necessary since the screen has probably been made in the Latest tab

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Are you using the follow plugin?

I don’t think so… does not ring a bell. Unless it is somehow included?

Interesting point, thanks. My settings default all categories to watching but they can change that… nope, looks like all the categories are watched for this user:

I don’t see any new-topic or unread-posts indicators in your first screenshot - is the theme hiding them?

No, they are showing up for me, and for others. Here is a shot showing more of the theme from a different user:

Looking at this again, I see that his format is different than mine. My display shows the small blue dot and numbers on larger blue circles, as seen on the prior message.

His only shows topics as blue when they are unread.

When I impersonate him, I see his account in the ‘normal’ format on my screen, with the blue dots.

What might he be doing on his system or browser to cause this?

If CSS is blocked in some way would it look like this?

If the internet connection were lost, would it look like this?

I’m hoping you experts can tell me which config, network, system protection, weird Apple browser problem or what have you would cause this effect. Blocking of the images perhaps?

I much appreciate your all giving this some thought!