Passing back variables to Survey Gizmo

I’m using Survey Gizmo for our survey platform, and I’m looking to pass back the userid and/or the email address from Discourse to Survey Gizmo, so that I can correlate data across our userbase. Survey Gizmo can take a variable at the end of the URL using the format ?variable=foo - has anyone gotten a plugin or code working to do such a pass back?

Edit: moved this to marketplace in case there’s any devs that would be interested in doing some contract work for this.

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Have you tried out using a webhook for this?


I haven’t and I’m not familiar with webhooks but I’ll do some reading and see if that would be a good solution. Thanks for advice!

Ok so SurveyGizmo has the ability to use webhooks:

and I’m able to get the current session info using:

The last problem is that SurveyGizmo will only take a query string but what the /session/current.json returns is in json format. Is there a way to get that info in a format that SurveyGizmo will accept?

I got the query string stuff sorted out but am running into issues getting /session/current.json run from another domain using CORS. I’ve poured over this discussion:
but don’t know what I’m doing wrong on the setup to be able to call current.json from another site.

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bump to see if anyone has a solution!

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