Questions about survey and blog integrations

I would love to ask which is the best way to create or embed surveys in discourse: (which option is the best?)

Should I use the wizard tool plugin, the survey plugin or just embed google survey?

Regarding blogs:
Are blogs still supported? What is the benefits of using ghost over WordPress?

Regarding plugins:
Can we install different plugin at the same time or it is better to install one by one?

Looking forwards for your answers

Hello Toby :slight_smile:

I think we’d need clarification about your needs. It’s difficult to advise when you don’t know your expectations.

  1. Discourse supports polls natively, but not forms:

    Exporting the data would require a custom script, as far as I know.

    Discourse doesn’t support Google forms embedding out-of-the-shelf, but you can insert them as an iframe:

    After filling it the form and validating it:

    Don’t forget to add in your allowed iframes theme setting.

  2. Discourse uses Ghost as it blogging platform and it is integrated to, but I don’t know more about it.
    Wordpress is officially supported through WP Discourse – Extension WordPress | Français and questions specifics to this integration go in wordpress.

  3. You can install multiple plugins at the same time by editing app.yml, then rebuild your app. :slight_smile:


Regarding polls, I will need to have the text area (form) also to gather idea, it was mentioned here that two plugins can achieve that, but I am not sure which one make more sense

Custom Wizard plugin and A survey plugin (the latter is not an official one but has the text form also)

So I am torn which one to try

Thanks for your clarification!

My spider-sense (I hope you don’t mind if I call you like this, dear colleague) tingled and I’m now aware that Discourse supports Typeform integration:


I have already allowed typeform on one box iframes, but when I embed the link it doesnt show up? What am I doing wrong?

You don’t need to use iframe, just paste the form link. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!!

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