Password required for sign in

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currently the users will be invited. Following the invitation link the users will be guided to registration page. But the password field is not required. It is optional. What did I miss to get this enabled? I want that the users needs to register with password.

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What gives that password field is optional?

I am afraid I don’t know what you want to know. :frowning:

They might want to log in by having an email with a link sent, so a password isn’t necessary.

Is there a way to change this? I want people to use a password.


Me too, setting a password should be mandatory for invitations. At least admins should be given this option to set.


Feeling like we may be missing something. Maybe the password is set for you when you dont fill in? Or it uses 2fa?

No. No password is required. I think even if two factor is turned on you can still login with a login link. Since you can always reset your password, you don’t need one.

I’ve just had a run through to check, and while the password is not required on the sign-up, if you leave it blank the email you get sent asks you to set one before you can log in/activate:

Though @pfaffman is right, you can indeed ignore that too, and go straight to log in and select “Skip the password; email me a login link” and you get a log-in link without the need to set a password. :+1:

I suppose the key bit is that you follow a link from an email to verify your email address (activation, set password, log in link), and how you access the account afterwards is up to you.