Patreon Token Refresh Failed


I’ve followed the set-up guide to the letter but I’m constantly getting an error on my dashboard that the “Patreon Creator’s access and refresh token values are incorrect.”. I enabled verbose logging and see this in the logs:

“Patreon token refresh failed with status: 401. {“error”: “invalid_grant”}”

My keys are all correct. I’ve regenerated them several times, put in the new ones and it always fails. I even deleted the Patreon client and made a new one from scratch, with the same end result. The webhook works, though. I’ve an active Patreon account with users in, but I just can’t get this part to work. I created a Group for it, created a Badge, but cannot get rid of this error.

Does anyone have a clue what it might be, please?!



So, to follow-up my own post. It appears there must be some kind of delay, either on Patreons side (quite possible) or on Discourse (I’m on the hosted solution) that caused this error to go away on its own after an hour of not touching the admin area. I don’t know how long it actually needs to start working properly, but I did something else for an hour, came back and it no longer errored.

Maybe worth adding to the install guide? That activation of the plugin isn’t instant, although I’m still not sure on which side the delay happened.

If you manually changed the tokens then you also have to trigger the sync to remove the error message. Anyway it will get removed automatically in next scheduled sync (in ~6 hours).

Sure, I’ll try to improve the error message or I’ll change the functionality as per need. Added to my list :memo:


If I go to admin/plugins/patreon on my install I get an ‘Oops! that page doesn’t exist’ error. I can see all the plugin options under Settings / Plugins though. This is hosted by Discourse themselves, so I’ve no control over the set-up, but would have hoped it’d be done correctly?!