Patreon tokens disappear from admin panel

I’m on v1.9.0.beta2 +35 and today I was checking the site settings when I found that Patreon tokens disappeared

I’ve try to run the job on Sidekiq (without tokens) and it works

All the other site settings are still the same with this exception:

those buttons are always here even if mailing list mode is not enabled on my forum.

EDIT I had saved the all the data relative to Patreon in a doc on my pc and I can see that tokens are different in comparison to those found on Patreon today.
So I don’t know if it’s something relative to Patreon plugin or Patreon site with its recent changes.

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There were some changes at Patreon recently. @falco should have a look.

I just tried to log I to a site that I maintain and the Patreon login page has the login button grayed out.

Edit: And on the browser where I’m still logged in, clicking the Patreon tab gives me a 500 error. Perhaps that’s due to problems with rubygems.

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Do you have any entries on the log related to Patreon @Trash?

This site settings are very peculiar, because they are update every week for new tokens.

Maybe the process failed somehow and the credentials got wiped.

And I think you still have credentials for mine, @falco. I get a 501 when I access the plugin page.

I’ve got old errors (178)

 Job exception: undefined method map' for nil:NilClass

and the sync on Sidekiq for Patreon groups FAILED.

Now I have

  1. Update the client key on Patreon
  2. Insert the new tokens on Discourse
  3. Manually trigger the job on Sidekid (result OK)

No new errors in logs.

It seems that in this way all works again. I’ll check again sidekiq and logs in 5 hours to see if the next job automatically works without errors.

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I can confirm that all is working now. The automatic job to sync groups on sidekiq runs and I have no error on logs.

:scream: So is it possible that next week I will have the same problems…
I will check the settings again next week


I added better error handling and logs around this:


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