Pay to help me configure Discourse site

I have already setup the forum for a domain and I just want things setup to be the most productive and clean looking. I own and using this forum to give my healthcare network a place to talk and give live updates around the world and ask/answer questions to each other and public.

I am not needing complicated I am looking to make a state of the art setup. I want clean easy to navigate and whatever features might be needed to be added in to get this live now so I can start getting the name out to my network.

I need to this to be as self sufficient as possible again spammers etc… I am not looking to make money on this site I am trying to get this done as a public service. If you are interested in heling get it setup let me know what you would need to make it happen.



Do you have a budget and a general idea of the work you need done?

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You might have a look at Calling out for volunteer Community Managers 📣.

If you:

  • want/need your own server
  • are going to use your site to somehow support someone in relation to COVID19
  • know how to configure DNS A, TXT, and MX records
  • have $10/month to pay Digital Ocean and can create an account and API key
  • have a few dollars a month to pay Mailgun and can create an account and API key

I will give you a free Professional Installation.

PM me and I’ll give you a coupon code.

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Justin. I am looking for something simple and clean. I am guessing that is is mostly done out the box but I just want to make sure the settings are setup ideally(i.e. preventing spammers from posting Viagra). Think of the average person coming on and not being complicated to see topics. I am not sure if there is a feature kind of like Reddit that can make the most popular answer on a topic stay at the top and the least popular drop down to the bottom. If not, it is not a problem.

I imagine that if you know what you are doing with the software setup we are talking about less than an hour of work maybe two unless you have some idea of something that could make this easy and better ad ready to go. Thanks! The other think is that I want the domain to be setup to point to the main domain name. I know that people are not going to just type www. and want to make sure it is easy and nobody does not get through.

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It turns out that the designers of Discourse thought that was a problem that they would want to solve.

There is not. Discourse is designed to support Civilized Discussion. Reddit is the opposite of that. If you want Reddit, you should use Reddit.

But some will. What I would recommend is that you make the site be and use to redirect the non-www to your forum. There are many other ways to solve that problem.


Hi Jay,

This is completely related to Covid 19 and not sure what you need in regards to the digital ocean hosting. I just want this up and to be easy is all. Let me know what I need to do.

You need to create Digital Ocean and Mailgun account. There are some instructions at Discourse Installation Packages — Literate Computing, LLC including a referral link to Digital Ocean that will get your some amount of free credit and a link to mailgun. You will need to provide both of them with a credit card number.

I’ll send you a PM.

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I am not sure how this helps with setting this up. I have this setup now with Discourse so I would need to start over?

Oh. That was not at all clear.

The only worthwhile advice I have above, then, is to use www in your hostname.

You pretty much describe what Discourse is out of the box, so I don’t know at all what you’re asking for.

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making sure the settings and/or any recommended plug ins are all setup properly.

Properly regarding what? Ease of use? It is by default. Other criteria? You need to be more specific, as you were with your spam example. :slight_smile:

You should take some time and examine Discourse settings though, and maybe ask on #support (and use the search) if you have questions.
Or pay someone to assist you very personally as it was intended, but you’ll still have to be specific about what you need, no one can reply to non-existent questions or fix untold issues.


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