Image Gallery plugin: working and supported! (version 3.0, 2015-08-07)

The «Gallery» plugin shows multiple images as a gallery.
Live example here:

Version history

2015-06-11 Version 1.0
2015-07-09 Version 2.0
2015-08-07 Version 3.0

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I thought it was free :frowning: but great work for this plugin :smile:

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Version 2.0 is out!
Now, each gallery image has its own unique url.
An example: «Gallery» plugin (version 3.1, 2016-12-11) - Discourse Plugins
So a particular image can be shared and referred in discussions.
When a visitor clicks Prev and Next gallery arrows (or keyboard keys), the browser url is updated automatically without page reload.

Version 3.0 is out!
Now, you can set rich descriptions for gallery images using Markdown / HTML / BBCode.
An example: «Gallery» plugin (version 3.1, 2016-12-11) - Discourse Plugins

Is it translatable, and is it translated to RU ?
Also, is it still developed and supported?
Your last post is 1 year old.

The version 3.1 is released.
The plugin is updated to be compatible with the latest Discourse version (v1.7.0.beta9).

Yes, the plugin is translatable, developed and supported.



  1. can you show me a couple sites that are running your gallery plugin? I want to see how it works on both desktop view and mobile view.

  2. Where is the link to purchase this plugin?

  3. can you do the plugin installation for me too if I am a customer ?



Demo seems to be working only partly… If I use arrows to slide left or right, there is not photo shown, just arrow…

Should I record screen cast or what to make you believe me?

Very funny. And I don’t beta-test for free…

I think we’ve got chicken-egg problem. I won’t be buying partly working plugin and you don’t want to fix plugin for free, because I’m not buying…

Thank you for your cooperation.


$599 for a plugin last updated in 2015? O__o