Pdf record of poll reports 0 votes

I (unfortunately) need to make a permanent record of a poll for regulatory purposes. How best to preserve a topic/post/poll as a permanent record

When I press Ctrl-P to create a pdf of the topic (in Firefox & Brave) the generated pdf shows:

  • For
  • Against

0 voters

When the pdf was generated, the (still open) poll actually had 6 voters on screen (6xFor, 0xAgainst).

Our printer version of the page is JS free, and looks like the votes are attributed via JS.

Putting this information in HTML would require a rename on every vote, making it prohibitively expensive.

Your best best is taking a screenshot of said poll. And for our print page, hiding vote numbers is the easiest solution…

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Thanks for replying so quickly!

My workaround for now is to print to pdf and then edit/correct the pdf.

Hiding the error seems like a fairly weak step in the right direction. When I have to print a page, it seems fairly important to have (all) of the information on the page included - particularly the result of a poll, which is likely the crucial point of the topic!?