How best to preserve a topic/post/poll as a permanent record

I am seeking to use Discourse to conduct an online version of a traditional formal meeting. These meetings have a legal requirement for Minutes to be recorded as a formal record of the proceedings of the meeting. I would like for a Topic and subsequent posts to become the permanent record of the Dialog. I would like for a Topic with a Poll to take the place of the formal Motion, Vote , Resolution process. But I am concerned by the ongoing potential for a Topic/Post to be edited.

I understand that a Poll can be closed to prevent further votes - great.

I understand that a Topic can be closed to prevent further replies - I am not so concerned about dialog after-the-fact because subsequent posts are timestamped

I understand that a Topic may be Archived to prevent a topic being deleted - good in my use case

I understand that a Topic may be Locked to prevent further edits - good in my use case.

But I remain concerned that Moderators and Administrators remain unrestricted by Archiving or Locking a Post. I expect that such edits are logged?

How best I achieve a permanent record of a Dialog on Discourse without manually creating a traditional set of Minutes, or perhaps freezing a topic into pdf - both unappealing alternatives.

Any thoughts most welcome.

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Press Ctrl-P to open up the print view of a topic and save it as a PDF.


If you don’t trust your moderators and admins then you do have big problems. Yes, edits are logged if they happen through the user interface.


Yes indeed! But that was not my concern. My concern is the Government Regulators position on the authenticity of a document held out to be a permanent record of a dialog or decision.

Great - thank you for the clarification.


Yep - great tip - thank you


Oh. Then I think you have to send it by fax. :wink:

I think you can post on #marketplace to develop a fax - to - freeze plugin!


:smile: Are you old enough to remember thermal paper?