Peertube embedding?

Any plan to support Peertube embedding?

What’s Peertube?

(a link would help)

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Now that I didn’t see coming.

Well let’s start with this:

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If you have the required thumbnails and metadata it should be easy to add support yourself and file a PR. GitHub - discourse/onebox: A gem for turning URLs into website previews

PS: no standard transport controls on the video? I can’t drag the playhead. I’m on iOS.

I have zero knowledge in ruby.

Sorry, no idea what you mean.

I’ll have a closer look when I have the time.

I can’t skip or fast forward the example video you linked the way I can with any other videos I watch on iOS.

You should ask the Peertube developer to add onebox so support to Discourse. They have the incentive, Discourse does not.


Well, I suppose there are more people who would like to have free alternatives to YouTube, or Facebook, as is my case right now…

But, anyway, I will ask them for Onebox support to Discourse. You never know…

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I was wrong. PeerTube does have support to Onebox. It happens that not all the instances support it, only some of them. You can try with a link first, before have an account, including it at your Discourse comments editor. If the link works, if spreads the OneBox at your Discourse forum, register an account at that instance! If not, look forward… till you find one which has it!

Instances of PeerTube, here: Take back control of your videos ! #JoinPeerTube

English :arrow_right: Take back control of your videos ! #JoinPeerTube
Spanish :arrow_right: Recupera el control de tus videos ! #UneteAPeerTube
German :arrow_right: #JoinPeerTube
French :arrow_right: Reprenez le contrôle de vos vidéos ! #JoinPeerTube
Italian :arrow_right: Riprendi il controllo dei tuoi video ! #JoinPeerTube