Per page classes so we can customize experience better?

(Joshua Lippiner) #1

Hi -

I’m new to Discourse so maybe this is an open I am not seeing. I want to be able to customize certain pages, such as the homepage, so it looks different. Maybe it has a header image or a search bar - not sure.

Anyway, a SIMPLE way to accomplish this would be to add appropriate classes to each page in the header or body. So the homepage might have something like homepage as a body class and a category page might have something like category category-slug as the classes for that page. Etc etc.

Then we can use the theme CSS customization (and JS customization if that’s possible) to easily customize each page.

(David Taylor) #2

These already exist

The ‘home’ pages have body classes of


and category pages have something like (for the #ux category on meta)

categories-list category-ux

Posts within a category have a body class to do with the category. For example this page right now has a body class of

archetype-regular category-ux