Can we have page specific css classes?

Currently we have css classes like desktop-view not-mobile-device no-touch for html tag

Like this can we have page specific css classes in html tag or in any other tag like #main-outlet div? For example .home class in home page and css class in ‘support’ category.

It will give many possibilities to customize display via css. For example I can hide ‘New Topic’ button in home only via below simple css

.home #create-topic {
 display: none;

It will helpful when using jQuery css selectors too.

Category Support already exists…

Visit support - Discourse Meta
Look at body tag

<body class="docked category-support">

I don’t have a solution for the homepage yet…


Yeah I can see. thanks. :+1:

If it have in homepage it will be more helpful when designing via css. Since it is our important landing page we will need more customization there.