WARNING: Discourse requires 1GB RAM

Hi all!

I’ve been trying to install Discourse, but without success so far.

I have a VPS with 1 GB ram and a 2gb swap file. Whenever I run ./discourse-setup I get the following error. (I’ve done a few clean installs on this VPS and also tried with 5b and 10gb swap files)


As you can see in the screenshots there’s enough space free in the swap file.

I’ve searched the forums but all I get is either “the setup should make ask to make a swap file itself” or “you can make a swap file and then run the installation again”

I hope anyone has a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Your free + used is 1000MB, a gigabyte is 1024MB. Where is this hosted?


You have less than 1000mb of ram. The message is correct. You can either get more ram, edit discourse-setup to skip the test, or create a yml file by hand.