Digital Ocean "High CPU" droplets

Digital Ocean is rolling out new droplets (not yet available to everyone).

I did a rebuild on a $40/month droplet that completed in 5m10.854s (including Let’s Encrypt).


This is the CPU

Depends how much CPU load there is, if it can turbo up to max it will be fast I guess? Timing Discourse rebuild is a very good proxy for testing CPU speed.

I wish they offered Skylake like Google does…


I just tried to resize my droplet to high CPU and the option was absent :crying_cat_face: hopefully this is properly rolled out soon.

Did not even have to option to create a new high CPU droplet in our account.

Honestly your best bet is Google Cloud if you can get Skylake. Or be like me and get those kaby lake i7 mini pcs to colocate!

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If I’d stop reading here and get to programming my Discourse Installer I would make a next step to have it install on Google cloud as well as DO. I’ve got gobs of referral credits on Digital Ocean, so it’s pretty hard for anyone to compete with what I’m paying.