Permalink URLs Truncated in Admin Panel

I’m working on testing importing content from another forum software, and I have set up the import script to automatically create permalinks so that links from the old software still work in Discourse. This appears to be working well for the most part, but one thing I have found is that when trying to check permalinks, the URL column on the admin page is not wide enough. It cuts off the link text so that I can’t see if the topic titles were parsed correctly.
Would it be possible to make this column wider or implement some feature to be able to view the full URL? Now, it is simply a text field and most of them look like this: “threads/this-is-a-really…”
The field is cut short so the full URL is not displayed.

Copy and paste the text and you’ll see the full link. There is a workaround as the truncation is via CSS.

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