Permissions for custom groups

Please corect me if I am just not seeing the option.

So let’s say I want some users to approve newcommers, just approve accounts, or I want someone to manage users and add badges. I just cannot do that without giving them power to delete whole forum content, they could just click delete all and its gone.

So my usecase is to create platform for our gaming clan, new recruits would create account, recruitment officer will approve it and allow acces to some forums (recruit badge or sth). After proving himself the recruit will recieve member badge and can acces some other parts of forum create new events for example. I just cannot do this with discourse. It looks like such a powerfull tool but it has so simple permission system (can do everything, and can do anything except change global forum settings) Is this even a planned feature ? Am I off here or its just meant that staff should all have the same permission and can do anything ?

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We have not plans for a “high fidelity”, “per user” permission system.

For example: if you want Jane to be a completely normal trust level 2 user but also want her to be able to delete topics in the #banana tag, that is not going to happen and is not on the roadmap.

We have long term discussions about the merits of “category moderators” - people with moderation rights on a specific category.

We are looking at improving our group system so people can apply to groups.


You can try to have the following categories:

  • Public Sutff (everyone see/post/create)

  • Apply to the Guild (everyone see/post/create)

The Guild is a group. Recruitment Officer are Group Owners of The Guild Group.

  • Guild Talk (guild see/post/create

There, done it.


If you don’t trusts your moderators to not delete your content, then they should probably not be moderators in the first place.

With that said, this is something that can be done in a plugin if you really need it.

The shouldnt be these kind of moderators, I could trust them with ie. approveing first posts, moding one category etc… I just really expected to have some kind of controll over who could do what…

Moderating grants some housekeeping rights. You still have:

  • public categories
  • private categories
  • restricted categories
  • group owners (with add/remove rights)
  • group members
  • level 4 members
  • badges (which can be automatically assigned based on groups)

but since you asked so nicely…