Members of one group appointing and removing members of another group

I am missing the feature to give members of one group the ability to appoint and remove members of another group. We want to trust a few members to manage the members of another group (but not make them moderators).

Tricky problem from a UI perspective. At the moment group owner is part of the group, we would have to decouple it so group ownership is independent.

I do recall this popped up at least one time in the past, perhaps you can help find the previous discussions on meta.


Yea I realize that, yet it seems like the logical next evolutionary step to be able to do more with these groups. It’s what is needed to let some users decide which other users may join a certain category and carry a certain badge, without promoting them to moderator or admin.

I haven’t found it yet.

Note that I am not requesting a feature to let members of a group add others to their own group, but rather to let members of group A decide who is in group B while only moderators and admins can decide who is in group A. Just clarifying that some further.

There should actually be a couple of ways members of one group can add members to another group:

  • If group B has join requests enabled: Members of group A can accept or decline join requests for group B. Group B would have to be visible to the entire forum or to at least some other group, otherwise no one can send any join requests.
  • If members of group A have permission to force add members to group B: Members of group A can add forum members to group B (forced join). The group could be a hidden group.

So those are two different permissions: permission to force join people, and permission to approve or decline requests.

Building further on that system you could say only members of some group may be added to some other group but that’s a whole next level beyond this feature request.


This would be extremely useful and compliments the Category Moderator functionality nicely. In our use case, we have two groups per Category: Moderators, Members. In an ideal world the Moderators are also the owners of Members. This means that when an admin adds someone to the Moderators Group, they are added to the Members Group as Owners.

I’m not sure if this is the thread you meant @sam? It was the only one I could find with reasonable value towards this Topic.