Persistent Unread (1) On Initial Load due to Babble Plugin

My Discourse installation (2.7.0.beta1) shows Unread (1) until the Unread category is clicked on. Then it displays no unread messages and the Unread (1) goes away. However, on a reload it reappears.

Interestingly, if I reload the Unread page itself it does not reappear. So something about navigating to that page seems to clear it. But then it reappears on other pages.

I also suspect that this is linked to the Babble plugin. We used to use it on our site, but we removed it recently. It would also show a persistent chat available message which could never be cleared. Clicking on one of the rooms would take you to the top of that room’s chat every time, making me wonder if somehow a message at the top of that chat had become stuck as unread.

Obviously this is a bit annoying. Does anyone have any ideas about how to clear it? Or whether there are repair tasks that can be run directly on the underlying Discourse installation? Thanks in advance!

Linking previous discussion for context.

fyi, we did end up archiving posts which were connected to Babble chats in case you want to try that.


So deleting the babble chat rooms seems to have fixed the problem, although it seems a bit drastic. Thanks!


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