Unread & New not clearing from Categories

For the last two days (since Friday morning at least), our “unread” and “new” are not clearing in the Category version of the forum.
Since I noticed this on Friday, I paid more attention to it today. When I enter the forum for the first time of the day, the “unread” and “new” are listed at the top, while there are none in the individual categories.

After reading all the new/unread posts, the top menus clear, but the categories still show them.


This is happening here on Beta for me as well, I came in this morning and clicked through all the unread/new and when I went to “Categories”, I saw this (not the only one, but they’re spread out):


Again, nothing at the top



There are several of us having this issue, so there are several browsers involved (Chrome/Edge/Safari), all are updated to latest versions.

On Friday, I had this at 5am and they didn’t clear for me until afternoon.

hmm i cannot reproduce this. :thinking:

maybe try safe mode?

i made an account on your forum but i’m still waiting for new activity to show up so i can see what’s going on.

I tried safe mode, and there was a couple of new posts in my forum, but the same thing happened. I clicked on the new posts and when I went back to Categories, they were gone from the top of the page, but still showed as “unread” in the individual categories.

Am I the problem child now?

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hah. no. i always trust the user’s experience. if it’s an issue for you and your forum, it’s an issue to be investigated. if it’s still happening in safe mode that rules out some things…

i thought i had reproduced this on your site but when i refreshed the browser the latest counts match. when you reload the forum page, do your counts correct?

i just logged in and it’s showing accurately to me as (2) unread and 1 each under Outlands and Fun and Games categories. are you and your users still having this issue?

Yes we are, in fact one more person has come and said it’s happening to them.

I just read everything here and went to Categories, and there’s no notifications at the top, yet in the Support category, it shows 1 unread and 2 new.

very strange indeed. my counts are all accurate for me on your site, my site and here on Meta. :woman_shrugging:

I’ve tried logging out/back in, clearing cache/cookies. It still persists.

It’s not a glaring problem, but its annoying. I’m just at a loss for the next step.

i simply cannot reproduce this on your site or any Discourse site, or on any browser i am using. the counters always appear to be accurate to me. very odd :thinking:

Maybe it will just go away on its own, like it mysteriously appeared.

Thanks for looking into it.