Persistent User Preferences on Home Page View


I am looking to allow users to customize the categories that appear on their own landing page by the order of their interests/preferences. In other words: if I am only interested in certain topics in a broader forum, I want those to appear at the top. Obviously that would be different for each user. Can we allow users to select which categories appear where on their landing page?

I see that this has been brought up a few times and a solution of sorts was implemented (sticky categories vs. latest settings for the user a la User preference for default home page). What I’m wondering is: Jeff had mentioned back in 2014 (User-selectable default home view preference) that we could potentially do this down to the category and subcategory level. Was that ever implemented anywhere?


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We had a similar discussion about this yesterday see:


Thanks Sam - maybe I’m misunderstanding the solution here, but wouldn’t it make discovery challenging? As this is a new community I am launching, I would be concerned about users not knowing about the availability of categories to choose from or landing on an empty home page.

If you use categories and latest as home the left side will still show all the categories making stuff pretty discoverable