Decouple default home page and /categories page

When I see the option to look at categories, I expect to just see categories (and however that site has those set - box, list, etc), but that doesn’t mean that a majority of users or the admin doesn’t want the default landing page to be Categories with Top/Latest Topics.

The options across the top of the homepage (Latest, Top, Unread, Categories, etc) would then act like filters and sorts showing just the information suggested by the title (making categories into categories only) while the homepage could be the combo as defined or set by the admin.

If the homepage is one of the non-combo options, then it would show as the selected option.

This would pair well for individual users who have overridden the Default Home Page setting in their preferences.

Just to clarify here, is the suggestion to expand this drop down:


Adding “Categories+Latest” and “Categories (only)” as options. Then Admin could set this as they see fit:

It gets a bit complicated cause where would we stop? How many of the variants should we allow an end user to pick?

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Sorry for not explaining well.
In my mind, I see the setting of Default Home Page being set on an setting available for the site.
It would include something like the list you see as a user, but also whatever the admin has set… let’s call it “Default”.

Default then could have it’s own settings.

  • right column v. left column
  • category with feature/latest/top topics

Category Page Style settings would be the other 3 options that are just category views.

Then when I set the pages available for the Top Menu…

… and I click on categories here…

… then I would ONLY see categories and not the noise of topics listed.

My menu there might look like Home, Categories, Top, Latest, Bookmarks.

I hope that makes more sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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