Personal Message Bubbles

I assume you are using the latest version of the theme component?

If so I’m not seeing any error with this running the latest stable version of Discourse. Can anyone from @staff help answer if this is known issue due to a core update in beta6 affecting themes components?

Yes, TC is latest version. And still getting the alert in TC list on 2.7.0.beta7.

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Tried to add this theme and got this error-msg:

Tut uns leid, die Verwendung von #ember- oder .ember-view-CSS-Selektoren ist nicht zulässig, da diese zur Laufzeit dynamisch generiert werden und sich im Laufe der Zeit ändern werden, was schließlich zu defektem CSS führt. Probiere einen anderen Selektor.

So there’s something wrong with ember. Am using the current beta.

Yes I’ve found there has been an update to Discourse requiring a “use strict” on the latest Betas. This has broken a number of theme components. I’ll see if I can work through to fix it. It still works fine in the latest stable version of Discourse.

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Hi there. Have long enjoyed this TC. Wondering though, will it be deprecated in lieu of the new updates in 2.8.0?


I’ve had to remove it from my sites after updating to latest as it clashes now. But it will still work for those on older releases for quite some time.

@Rhidian - thank you, it has been a great help. The fact that it has been incorporated into Discourse Core is the highest praise!!!


oh does this mean when we update to the newest Discourse version we will not be able to have Personal Message Bubbles anymore? :cold_face:

No, not at all! It has been rolled out for everyone so that this theme component is no longer required.


ah, so that means we can de install the theme component and the message bubbles will continue to exist?

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Thanks @nathankershaw. Yes I suspect there will be no need for this once it is core. A number of hosts are a few versions behind so we will keep it available for those. I haven’t had chance to play with the new core version yet so time will tell. There may always be scope to add some additional options over core if needed. That’s the beauty of Discourse themes :blush:



I can still see some ideas to use your awesome talent in customizing. I have a tampermonkey script a friend developed that would be great to get some help converting it to theme component. At Base one side it decorates/highlights the Op and Staff accounts in public. ie mod/Admin; I could see this also being handy with Category mods in there category beyond the sheild(Core it would wrap username in a bubble).

Also prior to mute users he had amhis own flavor but required to manually edit the script. The message was still present but hidden with a dropdown with there name vs the full mute we have now.

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Here is an old post of what his script did.

This includes a link to script source.

Ah, got it. If anyone else is wondering why they can’t find the setting for it in the admin console its because it has only just been added in the most recent release: 2.8.0.beta4

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Since the last update, I’ve noticed that the bubbles are misaligned.

I’m not able to replicate this here on meta. Looks like you have a custom theme?

Only the background is custom. I do have other theme components.

None of these affect personal messaging or styling.

And my plugins:

Try it in safe mode to see if you can get it working without your theme components and unofficial plugins.

@AntiMetaman I believe personal message bubbles are now a core feature. What happens when you disable the personal message bubble theme component?


After disabling it, it works. I can see the bubbles. So I guess what was happening is that it was overlaying another bubble on top of the first one since it is part of core feature.


Yes same thing for me…thanks so much for brining this up. Our message bubbles had been misaligned ever since it became a core feature. I didnt know what caused it. Based on @JammyDodger suggestion, I just switched off the message bubble theme and it solved the problem, all bubbles are perfectly aligned again.
Such an easy fix, should have tried that earlier. Thanks for bringing it up and the quick fix from the team.