Personal Messages only for paid accounts?

i would like build a social forum , so i would like limited them cannot direct exchange contact at the forum but once they as paid member they will have Personal Message feature to PM the people they like , may i know how to setting if i want to …

  1. Paid User can Personal Message to Free User , free user can read message and reply message to admin or moderator but cannot reply to other user even paid user . may i know any setting i can do ?

Unless you lock free users to TL1 and make paid members be TL2, and then change min trust to send messagses to TL2, you’ll need a plugin to do that.

hi jay , if i setting by TL1and paid members be TL2, mind i know why still need the plugin for ?

That’s what what I was suggesting. There are some disadvantages to that solution, but the upside is that you don’t need a plugin.

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if with plug-in what kind of feature we can customized u think ?

Since minimum trust level to send PM is a configurable setting and in a normal scenario, TL 4 can’t be achieved automatically ever without someone explicitly granting it, depending on the perks that come with it, You may consider changing those two settings to your liking to make PMs limited to TL4 & above then setting a group to automatically assign TL4 to paid members.

But making new users TL4 is likely to create problems because TL4 members have so many powers.

Instead I would use TL3 (or maybe TL2) because they are more limited. Then make promotion to TL3 a manual task as it is by default for TL4.


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