Photos posted on Discourse don't match the same colors as photos posted elsewhere


I’m a Food Talk Central and Hungry Onion member, both hosted by Discourse. After every automatic iPhone upgrade the photos I post are dull and the color is off. They look sharp in my photo album but upload poorly. It only happens on the 2 sites I use hosted by Discourse. Is there a compatibility issue?

Asking @discobot to help on the actual site did nothing, btw.



Could you share side by side screenshots illustrating the problem?


That’s the problem. I wish I could. Since they are both coming from my photo album they will look the same because the problem is when they upload. In my photo album the photo below is sharper, brighter and the color of the fries are more reddish orange from the spice powder. But when I upload it here it is duller, less defined and the color is off - just like on FTC & HO.

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So if you screenshot a site with your uploaded image the colours are restored?

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Only on Discourse & Discourse hosted sites. I just texted the same photo to myself and sent it to someone on IG to test and it looks exactly like the photo in my album.

Can you upload the same photo elsewhere and link it to us in here? It can be on imgur, twitter, or anywhere else public you can.


Okay I will try that soon. Thanks!

Okay I deleted and re-posted. Sorry, I’m not a big IG user. This photo is exactly how it looks in my photo album but won’t upload onto Discourse hosted sites anymore. See the difference from the photo I uploaded?

Colors are definitely different. I wonder if that is because of png to jpg quality is set to 95 or if we are stripping some HDR color profile.


This picture on IG has no filter?

This works fine for me, I get the same picture on Instagram and when I upload on Discourse. Are you using filters or editing the posts through the apps you are uploading to other sites with?


Hi @Falco -

Sorry to be responding just now. Since I’m a new Discourse member I had maxed-out my replies for the day and was prompted to wait 10 hrs. I got too busy with work & life.


This is beyond my tech knowledge but sounds logical. I’m wondering if someone already made the adjustment? Because I did another report on both IG & FTC this week and the photos seemed almost identical this time.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @osioke - Except for changing the size I only edit & adjust my photos in my photo album. Yours do look exact. What camera phone do you use? Have you experienced an upgrade lately? This happens to me after automatic iPhone upgrades.

I spoke too soon. Some of my uploaded photos on my sites hosted Discourse are still dull. :smirk: Is there something to be done about this “png to jpg quality is set to 95 or if we are stripping some HDR color profile.”?