Pinned post excerpt no longer appears after refreshing the page

For this, we’re using Discourse v2.2.0.beta7.

When first navigating to the “All Categories - Latest” page, pinned topics display an excerpt of the post, but this excerpt no longer shows once the page is refreshed, as seen here, using the “Dark” theme:

The excerpt will display again after navigating away and back to the page. This behavior isn’t seen when using v2.2.0.beta4.

Thanks for any insight on this one!

This is a nit with “pinned locally” topics. They should never show excerpt on the front page … yet they do.

  1. Pin a topic locally in a category.
  2. Visit category listing
  3. Click home page - topic has excerpt (due to internal identity cache)
  4. Refresh
  5. Excerpt is gone

@eviltrout is there a trivial fix you can think of here?


Not related to identity map in this case. The controller keeps state, and it was being set when viewing a category and not reset when viewing a non-category: