Placement of social media signup options

My site’s registration has quite a few fields for new users to complete. The problem is that the icon/options to register via Facebook, Google, etc. are centered on the right sidebar, far down the page. New users don’t see the options until they scroll further down.

Is there a easy way to place the options at the top?

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I’m bumping this, as I really need to figure it out before I launch.

Add this custom CSS to your theme:

.create-account #login-buttons:not(.hidden) {
    justify-content: normal;

edit : note that if you have an odd number of social logins it will also affect a bit the social login buttons on mobile phone from:


But I see you have two social logins so they won’t be affected.

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I can point you in the right direction, but I don’t know discourse well enough yet to fully solve your problem.

You can set custom CSS on that column and change it to align to the top.

At a quick look using Inspector #login-buttons is the ID you need to change, maybe:

.login-modal #login-buttons:not(.hidden), .create-account #login-buttons:not(.hidden)

Looks like changing:

justify-content: center;


justify-content: flex-start;

would do what you want. Sorry I can’t help more than that, hopefully someone with more experience can get you all the way there.

edit: ha looks like @canapin beat me to it :slight_smile:


You don’t want to change .login-modal #login-buttons:not(.hidden) as it targets the social login from the login form, not the register form


Ah good point @canapin - I made an assumption that they would want the position to match on both forms, which is potentially incorrect :slight_smile:

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Saaaaweeeet! That did the trick, @canapin. Thanks so much.

FYI, I’m now using 4 logins:


Hmm we might need to adjust this in our default theme, granted most sites don’t use custom fields at signup, but for those that do @johani?


Something like Custom Wizard plugin can also be used to alleviate this in some way?

Because this only triggers with a … rather absurd number of user fields, we won’t be modifying the default theme to accommodate it.

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