Planning disk partitions

I’m in the process of planning disk partitions.
am I right in assuming all the docker stuff that takes up disk space is in /var/lib/docker

presently /var/lib/docker is taking about 5gb
could I create a mount to manage disk space ?

pbody # docker image ls --all
REPOSITORY             TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
local_discourse/app    latest              8afc8c8d6852        6 days ago          2.67GB
discourse/base         2.0.20171008        71c896c09da5        4 weeks ago         1.79GB
samsaffron/docker-gc   latest              54ca424ca8d6        2 years ago         57.7MB

pbody # cd /var/
pbody # du -sh discourse/
221M	discourse/

pbody # cd /var/lib/
pbody # du -sh docker
5.1G	docker

Docker images and container root filesystems are in /var/lib/docker. All persistent data (logs, database, uploaded images, etc) will be in /var/discourse.


Partitioned and moved, all without hitch :slight_smile:

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