Player Card Auto Bio Bug

I recently noticed that a few users on my forum ( don’t have their bios appearing on their player cards, and looking into their profile page they do have a bio. Is this a bug or is their some formatting issue or what?

User badge is blocking the bio?
Link or location blocking the bio?
Quotes somehow make the bio invisible in the player card?
Bio to long to fit possibly?

Please help


Also the same thing is happening to my current by on this forum, yet I can see other user’s bios on their player card

Is it similar to this issue? Missing "about me" in Profile

Does shortening the content or removing the formatting make a difference?


Let me check, I will change it around a little bit

Yes it seems similar if that helps

I edited some text out and now it is visible


Yes, this happened to me for years, and then it suddenly changed and worked
Very interesting bug

I’ll have to see what I did diffeently

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EDIT: I think I found the cause.

I had it disappear when the last line was <testing> and come back when the last line was “testing”.

But <a>testing</a> worked. Maybe it’s just a single HTML tag? Usually the last line is an image as a link


I don’t know maybe…

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