Please don't deprecate Top Traffic Sources List in Admin


It looks like you’re going to remove this feature of the “top traffic sources” and I just want to say that I find it very helpful to get a snapshot on how I’m doing in terms of SEO for the forums, and why my traffic levels are trending different ways.

Please keep it in:


Where have you read that it’s getting depreciated?

this will always be accessible from /admin/reports/top_traffic_sources


I don’t see it on the dashboard and I haven’t seen it under “all reports”. (it is still at “old dashboard”).

it isn’t really something that can be graphed over time. It would be suitable for displaying in a table or list.

I’ve noticed a few reports that don’t fit too well into a time graph. (i.e. top referred topics, trending search, users per trust level, users per type)

I don’t know what the plan is for these. A separate archetype (table, list)? Or finer definitions? (multiline graphs) etc.

I can’t check which version you are right now, but in last version it’s definitely showing on reports page.

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Thanks. It just looked like you guys were phasing it out the way its been hidden under “old reports”


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