Please don't double link urls if one pastes over a URL in markdown

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I just ran into this and it was driving me crazy. I had a link in a post that went to the wrong place:

[The Right Place](

and I noticed that and copied the right URL,, and then pasted it, and got this confusing result:

[The Right Place]([](

Huh. I thought. Let me try that again. Is there some sort of new Firefox/Wayland past bug? So I selected the part in between the ()s again, and…

[The Right Place]([[](](


Then I happened to remember I’d happened to scroll by the topic linked above the other day. I’m glad I had, because I guarantee you I would have been perplexed for a much longer time than one would hope from a person who is supposed to be smart.

Can this code please be adjusted to not do this at least to text that is a markdown link, but actually probably never to any URL ever, because


doesn’t seem like something anyone should be encouraged to do — let alone possible tricked into doing by the software trying to be helpful at the wrong time.


What exactly did you highlight when you pasted the second time? If the markdown is already set to [The Right Place](, I highlight and paste, it just replaces the first URL with the second.

Also, pasting a standalone URL on top of another URL just replaces it. It doesn’t do this as far as I can see.

Maybe these issues have already been fixed?

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I just checked, and while it doesn’t happen here, it does happen on the Fedora sites and on Perhaps there’s a fix in testing here that hasn’t gone out to hosted sites generally?

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I think there’s generally a delay between a change making it to Meta and making it to hosted sites. I don’t know the general timeline or if it differs by customer, but I usually see changes on Meta make it to the hosted site I use within a few days.

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Can you reproduce this on meta? I just tried and could not reproduce the issue in the OP.

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As noted, can’t reproduce this on meta but can reproduce it on both Fedora sites and on the Python one. So if you didn’t fix it on purpose, something is still wrong somewhere. :slight_smile:

Maybe these sites need to update.

Yes I think you’re right - this was fixed yesterday:

@mattdm I’ll run a deploy on your site right now, so the fix should be live in the next few minutes


This also happens on my site, which I mentioned in my second edit in this topic.

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I’ll make sure to get this fix rolled out across our standard/business tier hosting in the next hour or so

Thank you so much!

I do like the feature in general — it is indeed quite convenient to write a paragraph and then go back and add in links on a whim.

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Update - my site seems to be back to normal now. Thanks so much!


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