Plesk server migration

If I move the server with the Plesk migration plugin, will my ‘discourse’ website work on the new server? I have a WordPress subdomain site and a discourse site on the same server I am currently using. I want to install Plesk and migrate to the new server, but I am not sure that discourse will work.

To clarify, you have Plesk on your current server, and you want to know if installing Plesk on the new server and migrating everything will include Discourse as well. Am I right?

Yes. I will install Plesk on the new server. I will move everything from the old server to the new server. @Arkshine

I don’t think it will work. Plesk will copy only your domain and proxy configuration. Discourse itself is not associated with Plesk; it’s a separate installation.

You can follow this guide to move your Discourse instance:

Or you can use directly the command line without booting the web UI:

I highly suggest you upgrade your discourse before doing a backup!

Note: Whatever the method you choose, when you Install Discourse on your new server, instead of using ./discourse-setup, copy your old app.yml in /containers, then rebuild. Since you’re using Plesk, it will be easier this way.

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Thanks for your answer. How can I upload the images on the old server when I upload a backup to the new server? As far as I understand, there is a database and posts in the backup file. @Arkshine

If you mean how to include the attachments, I believe it’s included by default in the backup: