Plugin for Yandex Ad Network

Is there any plugin to use Yandex Ad ( banners with Discourse (with auto disabling for trust users)?


Perhaps there is another way? The ads code doesn’t work (

I managed to add ads from Yandex. But ads are displayed only after refreshing the site page (ctrl + f5). Ads do not appear automatically :frowning:

How did you do it? Could you please share?

  1. I used You need to create your own ad.
    You need to add a code from Yandex like

<! - Yandex.RTB R-A-******-* -> <div id = "yandex_rtb_R-A-******-*"> </div>

  1. And add the full code from Yandex to

  1. Add to " content security policy script src" код

Unfortunately, the ad from Yandex appears only after refreshing the site page (ctrl + f5). If you solve this problem, please share the solution.