Plugin howto self-announcement

One of our customer’s sites gave me an idea earlier that was well-received by the team so I’d like to hear what the community thinks of it.

Do you think it’d be pretty cool if plugins automatically injected a “how to use me” page into a meta topic when enabled? Kind of like what these people are doing:

It’d be very useful if plugins could ‘announce’ themselves like this with a short post like that :arrow_double_up: in the forum’s default Meta category (is there one? oh, wait, there isn’t. that’s another discussion).

possible ideas:

  • hidden by default on existing sites (that have existed for a certain $duration)
  • a note to @staff explaining these announcements (especially on existing sites) that can be moved into a public place

This would let forum users know about extra :cool: features that may not be present on other sites and ease the burden on site leaders explaining how these features work.


I could also see this being useful for core features that you want to highlight as well, which would help to address some of the asks in this feature:


Could this be done by seeding the topic via the plugin? I like the idea quite a bit. But it might already be possible. It may simply take time for folks to get used to seeing them.